Digital Marketing Training Programs


You’ve got a business to run, which means that you and your team, likely don’t have time to go through a full strategic planning process. Other times, you want to make sure a larger number of channel owners and participants have input on your business’ digital marketing operations.

In circumstances like these, our Digital Marketing Training Programs are the perfect solution.

We conduct a brand development timeline session and fact-finding mission, similar to our digital marketing Roadmap development, however abbreviated for time and budget purposes. Following our analysis, we work with you to build a customized training program that shows you where your business stands today and what you must do in order to exceed customer expectations in one or more of the four digital marketing success channels:

These training programs take many of the same analysis and optimization principles that we use in the full Digital Marketing Acceleration Plan process and condenses them to fit into a live, on-site or online workshop environment. For example, a training intensive could include:

  • The current health and performance of each channel
  • Changes and additions required to reach the next level of success in each channel
  • Competitive analysis for B2B or B2C organizations in your industry
  • Advised alterations to budget, human capital, technology
  • Priority roadmap

All of this in just one day (for 1- 2 channels) or two days (for 3-4 channels). It’s an incredibly efficient way to determine where you are on the digital marketing success curve, and exactly what you need to do in order to reach your fullest potential.

For more information on our Digital Marketing Training Programs, conducted live at your location or via webinar, schedule a free consultation with a Market Tree analyst today!